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Sworn Translator (Upper State Court Cologne)



Certified (sworn) translations of legal documents, contracts, judgments


Corporate communications, internal communications, legal documents


Reports, market analysis, fund documents, market commentaries


Intellectual property and patents, applications, claims

When it matters ... better turn to a professional!

In a legal context – and always when precision matters – the smallest nuances can make a massive difference. Even the slightest mistakes may have severe consequences.
For the translation of contracts and of other legal documents you should therefore turn to the professional.

I am a qualified conference interpreter and professional translator for German and English, offering professional translation services since 1995. Thanks to my specialist legal knowledge with Bachelor (LLB) and Master (LLM) degrees in law I am specialised in providing professional services in the areas of law, business and finance, as well as patents.

As court appointed translator (Upper State Court Cologne) I also provide services in the course of legal proceedings and prepare certified (sworn) translations.

To the point. Reliable. In high quality. Confidential.

Quality, confidentiality and absolute reliability are the cornerstone of my work.

Benefit from precise translations delivered by a professional instead of putting all your trust into machine translation.

Please contact me here. I am looking forward to hear from you.

Englisch-Deutsch Fachübersetzungen vom Profi.

Englisch-Deutsch Dolmetscher

Juristische Übersetzungen, Finanzübersetzungen, Patentübersetzungen


Transkription (Englisch, Deutsch)